Virtual Tourism Category: Travel and Relaxation


What does it actually feel like to stand in the Paris Opera House and look down the hall, then up the ornate ceiling and down the other side? This is a pointless question for any wordsmith to attempt to quantify when the ability to don a virtual headset and be standing there in less than a minute is possible.

Virtual content will start to proliferate in rapid streams based on the traditional cravings that most digital audiences have. It will expand rapidly as any particular kind of content catches on and gets assimilated into the zeitgeist. So as specific virtual journeys roll out, some will be perfunctory, and others will find the time to add that last degree of unique experience that only VR can provide. For example, imagine being on a virtual tour of the best Chicago Pizza places, and inbetween the stops, historic callouts to the Al Capone era is introduced. As with any form of digital entertainment, execution is everything. But the core fact of VR is that it has the potential to transport its audience on a one of a kind journey, so let’s make it a vibrant and memorable one!

If a photograph can take you back to a moment that meant everything to you, imagine how a virtual capture of that experience will feel. Put on the headset in the middle of your day and suddenly you are standing on the most beautiful beach in Bora Bora. Or you are transported to a romantic moonlit night in Italy that takes your breath away. No matter which destination serves your desire, the best executions of travel VR will whisk you emotionally away from your current experience into a world of exquisite distraction.