Virtual Shopping Category: Fashion


For the next generation of shopping, the virtual world is going to be a giant revolution. From avatars which may be created to match your exact body dimensions and facial features, to giant wardrobes of virtual clothing that you will have access to sample from, the opportunity to shop in a virtual arena has expanded exponentially.

Stores from all over the world will match into a universal avatar standard which allows the user to be able to try on any virtual outfit from anywhere in the world in a heartbeat. The ability to store those items, and mix and match them with items from other locations all in the same virtual shopping experience separates this method of shopping from anything that has existed to date.

From marketing concepts to make a brand stand apart from the crowd and really show off a special shade of lipstick, to a host of other exciting viral ideas, virtual reality has the power to drive massive amounts of retail shopping on a global basis.

The nondistracted focus of a consumer in VR creates an opportunity to create campaigns which clearly keep the focus wherever the brand intends for it to be, using all of the standard choices of production, plus a host of new ones that VR brings to the equation.