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From the moment you step inside a virtual casino and have a walk around, you know you have arrived at a destination like none else. The opportunity to engage with the tables, machines and other players offers an unparalleled chance for a gambler to find that unique spot that feels lucky and then grow that luck into a full blown winning streak.

Virtual reality puts you right at the table, you see the other players, the dealer tossing your cards and you can lift the cards and take a peak at the down card, just as you would in real life. Stare the dealer in the eyes and see if you can detect whether or not the next card they throw will make or break your evening.

Horseracing fans will find themselves even closer than trackside, to watching the details of the race. Virtual cameras bring you close and personal to a virtual racing game, allowing you to see the subtle details of the movement of these magnificent horses as they make their way around the track.