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Journey instantly to a vast selection of the most exquisite and exotic locations on Earth. Travel all 7 continents and experience what it feels like to stand in some of the most revered and sacred locations of historic relevance. The power of travel using VR is massive in the implications. One would presume that it would potentially curb tourism as a result of people feeling as if they had no need to journey to a place that they have already experienced virtually. But actually, the converse is true. Most people leave a virtual experience with enhanced desire to visit the location that they visited as a result of the experience having whetted their appetite.

Immerse yourself into the customs of a broad selection of global regions, learning their habits, their living requirements, the amenities and lack thereof. Bring a new found understanding of other cultures by spending some virtual time experiencing some of the details that make their culture special and unique.

Many virtual travel programs will be developed. Some will be more generic like a travel guide. Others will be produced along a theme that is relevant to the region or city that is being profiled. For example, virtual reality can take you on a fashion tour of Paris, a business tour of London, a dining experience of Rome, an entertainment tour of Los Angeles. No matter the consumer preference, soon there will be many choices for the end user to try.