Transformational Thinking Category: Science


The global battle to eliminate all species from the ‘soon to be extinct’ list has become a priority for humanity over the last 50 years. Giving people a chance to learn about the dangerous species by getting close up and personal with that species is a rare advantage that VR delivers better than any other medium.

Stare down a house fly and learn the details behind their fascinating form of vision. Look closely at the minutia details that make this a truly remarkable creature. Scientists can study all forms of life using VR for the purposes of changing the dynamic of scale and allowing that magical perspective to increase the value of the lesson being learned.

Stare straight into the nucleus of a cell and discover for yourself how incredibly busy this tiny center of a spec of your body truly is. Witness the processes as the cell works its daily magic, unseen or detected by its owner. Perhaps with a greater understanding of ourselves, we will be more cautious with the choices we make in our daily lifecycle.

The math of science, the golden mean, divine proportion are all considerably more understandable in the virtual world. They are all around us, waiting to be illuminated for people to understand how math and science are inextricably paired. Virtual Reality takes a boring journey and makes it fascinating. The world needs more mathematicians and scientists, and VR will be the extra spark of imagination that will inspire the next generation of geniuses to pursue their true potential.