Thrills, Chills and Sociability in Gaming Category: Gaming


Virtual reality brings a vibrant new immersive chapter to gaming. No longer will a driving game in a simulator be the rage when you can sit in a simulator with a VR headset and compete in any of the major races in any of the premier vehicles and genuinely feel as if you were there. The virtual racing experience is so compelling that theme parks are adding virtual headsets to rollercoasters to bring a vibrant new chapter to one of the most electrifying aspects of any amusement park experience.

Massive multiplayer online games are adding VR to bring the complete immersive experience of their game to life. Players will be able to meet other players in the gaming space and engage in the competitive activities with a new sense of environmental stimulation. Haptic devices for guns, rifles, swords and other props, complete the experience by giving the player a device to engage with the game that acts and feels like the simulated element which it is substituting for.

New business models where games and short form virtual entertainment are produced concurrently with many of the same characters, props, sets and shooting schedules will emerge with games that take you to a much darker side of the gaming spectrum. Thrills, chills, and heart thumping terror, are only the beginning of what an immersive environment can bring to life.