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Tests have proven that a person’s blood pressure, stress and anxiety are all potentially reduced with the use of immersive relaxation environments. This study further accentuates the experiences chronicled with various forms of music, artwork, video, film and other stimulation. Virtual reality provides the final missing ingredient to this method of treatment… total immersion. When all other stimulation is removed, the brain is forced to turn off some of the distraction layer long enough for the relaxing stimulation to perform its magic.

Virtual reality will take you to a myriad of zen and other forms of relaxation destinations. It is your one way ticket away from the stress and chaos that come from other sources in one’s life. As a result, new forms of relaxation techniques are being developed for use in the virtual world to assist the end user in achieving the more relaxed state that they are seeking.

From serene natural locations, to imaginary fictional ones, virtual reality is a direct conduit to the environments that the stressed out population is yearning for. It is the prime solution for transporting the mind to a place that is seldom all but one minute away with the flip of a switch.