PreVisualization Category: Engineering


Engineering in the virtual world expands substantially with the ability for an engineer to engage with the items that they are creating in a whole new way. Whether you are working on a high profile vehicle, a new high tech gadget, or a massive structure, VR is the resource you have been hoping for in your suite of work tools and accessories.

Virtual reality not only immerses the engineer into the work product that they are producing, it also allows the engineer to explore that project from a disparate size relationship than that which exists in reality. The engineer is now a virtual Alice in Wonderland as they expand to larger sizes to evaluate huge structures from new vantage points and shrinking to microscopic size if required to see other details from that unique vantage.

New virtual pets will come into play as the VR world evolves. Soon the combination of artificial intelligence and virtual reality will bring you companions that you have yet to imagine. These companions will have qualities and features programmed into them which will endear them to you in ways that seem unimaginable at this time.