Plating Perfection Category: Cooking


Plating a meal is as important as cooking each ingredient, when you want to find a way to impress guests and patrons. The use of VR to step into a master chef’s kitchen and study each of the techniques is certain to become one of the essential steps in training the next wave of the world’s greatest chefs.

As the world of VR is as much an entertainment vehicle, as it is an educational one, it is important in our discussion to note that VR is as likely to bear new programs that skew to a specific audience, as not. Our example of showing a handsome male chef cooking in a bath towel may appear out of sorts in this discussion, but it  is exactly a high concept blending of two genres like that which has proven to be giant paydays for many a Hollywood producer.

With a wide range of cooking techniques, we can expect to see a series of cooking programs customized to match the needs and skill sets of the demographic that these programs are produced for. Either way, a chance to step into a master kitchen and have a real look around, is a dream come true for many people that will come true in virtual reality.