Legends and Brands Come to Life Category: Entertainment


Virtual reality has the biggest potential to make legendary characters who will emerge as large icons of the current decade. These fictional characters will generate potentially billions of dollars when embedded into the proper franchise. The ability to engage directly in a virtual environment with a legend and have a meaningful interaction has yet to be produced… but it is coming.

Branded entertainment will of course start with the Red Bulls of the world and rapidly expand as this model will certainly prove to have tremendous rewards waiting for the brands as business models that drive traffic from the virtual world to the brick and mortar world and vice versa, are employed to their successful fruition. When brands are comfortable that an audience wants to engage with them in the virtual space, they will open their budgets to produce ever more exciting business models.

The sports legends will grow to ever greater status in VR as well. The fan’s will feel a more immediate connection with these legends as the fan is able to be virtually right next to the player. Huge new psychological impact studies will show that the fan grows even more bonded to that celebrity after the close proximity, even if virtual. It’s only human.