IQS Connect Motion Tracking and Sport Training Category: Sports


Virtual reality can be an outstanding asset in the training of any kind of athlete for a host of reasons. The psychological stimulation of making an athlete engage in the biggest of competition stages, gives the athlete a chance to equalize with the surroundings in advance of the big event. Stepping out onto a track where an Olympic performance is required, gives the player a chance to look around, assimilate, and really gain confidence.

Endurance is yet another form of virtual training to consider. Performing a sport in horrible weather as is sometimes required, is a key element in training that a hardened athlete must master. VR is a great way to put that athlete in the frame of mind of the hard variables with which they must contend, well in advance of that event.

Playing tennis head to head with the top pros gives you a chance to react at the speed required to engage at that level of competition. VR puts you right on the court, and that serve is flying at you at speeds over 100 mph. Virtual golf games, combined with IQS Connect motion sensors give golfing a whole new aspect as VR and IQS Connect work to perfect a swing until the player has it completely dialed in.