Invoking Imagination Category: Marketing


Marketing in any media is a calculated risk, predicated upon a large set of variables, not the least of which is whether or not your marketing materials are created to generate your intended response. A picture is worth a thousand words, and being in a virtual reality presentation is worth 100,000. The experiences that can be generated by transforming a person from their traditional existence, into a first person encounter with your brand are immeasurable.

Whether your intention is to make them salivate and feel hunger for your culinary delights, or to make their heart pound adrenaline at the sheer possibility of living the extreme vacation moment you are presenting, a virtual reality marketing platform will become a standard choice for most brands as this explosive new medium takes hold. How will your brand stand apart from the new wave of VR choices? Simple, by developing a user experience that is novel, engaging and readily shareable.

Marketing is often times a wise gaze into a crystal ball and a huge hope for some luck along the way. But why gaze into the crystal ball, when you can instantly transport inside it and have a complete look around, using VR? This immersive, engaging new format will grab the audiences of every generation by capturing their imagination and their curiosity. Where will your company fit in as the new wave of VR spreads like wildfire? Will you be on the outside looking in, or on the inside leading the pack?