Indelible Impressions Category: Marketing


The whole point of virtual reality in marketing is to make an indelible impression and move product or services. To accomplish this, the entire marketing program must be carefully crafted to leverage the greatest strengths of the media in which the marketing is produced for. Striking images that are spectacular are always going to be some of the biggest crowd pleasers. Taking the time in a virtual production to make an illusion come to life will be worth its weight in gold when the right message is picked up by the world at large.

Sometimes it does not have to be the big expensive impossible to produce shot. Viral videos have proven to us that a clever or comedic message can sometimes be far more viral and impressive than a highly crafted and concocted visual extravaganza.

Presentation is everything. Making your product or brand stand apart and extremely desirable, unique, compelling and necessary are all of the tried and true means of creating relevance, and driving consumption. Virtual presentations are no different. They require considerable thought as to how the virtual environment surrounding the product enhances the consumer’s connection with their product and drives impressions which deliver sales.