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Why would you watch a video, when you could don a headset and be transported right into the heart of the Jurassic Era? It is one thing to read about dinosaurs and another to be standing in scale alongside one with the ability to really understand the physiology and physics of how these giant creatures worked to survive for much longer than mankind looks capable of achieving thus far.

Want to be out on the Bonneville Salt Flats watching the land speed record be broken by the fastest vehicle on Earth? What better place for a lesson on aerodynamics, physics, design and other dynamic topics which could stem from virtual materials created in these types of environments.

Hubble takes us all over the universe with visions of some of the most compelling galaxies, nebulaes, stars, planets, meteors, moons, comets, black holes and so much more. When you are able to actually feel that you are in outer space, making the journey, first person, the retention of the details of the lesson are substantially increased. Putting a direct correlation to a red dwarf, white star, binary stars and others is considerably easier, and much more fun flying to them in virtual space, than reading about it in a book. Virtual Reality captures imagination and delivers on the promise when produced properly.