Changing Scale Category: Science


Journey through the magic of VR to life’s most profound moment. This is not watching it on a television set, but rather you are there and the elements are moving all around you. Virtual reality brings a new level of understanding to all who have the opportunity to learn something through this transformative medium. The absence of a distraction layer plus the impressive experience of feeling as if one has instantly teleported is a powerful combination for substantially higher levels of retention in learning and absorption of knowledge.

As Asimov once envisioned, humans will shrink to subatomic size and transport within the human body and elsewhere in our perpetual quest to learn and understand. There is something substantially more evocative about learning something in a massively disparate scale than trying to understand what a microscopic object truly is. Disney captured the attention of millions when Disneyland opened with Monsanto shrinking you down and transporting you into a droplet of water. Virtual reality will be an equally opportune experience for the huge disparity of scale to be reversed in the favor of knowledge and experience.

DNA continues to provide mankind with answers to some of the most severe diseases which threaten our existence. As scientists and students are reduced to a size capable of reviewing the structure details in even greater perspective, there are certain to be a series of light bulb illumination moments that arise out of this new virtual opportunity to understand the key code to life itself.