Capturing the Consumer’s Attention Category: Marketing


Virtual marketing is just starting to make its way into the mainstream as key brands adopt a pioneer program and dip their toe in the water. Previous pairings of corporate world and virtual reality inside Second Life proved a less than stellar experience. But with the advent of the virtual reality headset, that experience is going to have a substantially different outcome this time. The old time dog and pony show needs a facelift… no matter how cute they are!

Smart brands will create programs that capture the desires and the imagination of their consumers and deliver them a virtual experience that will make their brand stand apart from the crowd. Virtual brands will cater to the desires of their customer by bringing them a new experience that is only possible via virtual reality.

When a few key brands strike the chord of viral mania that social media has created, some of the most enjoyable experiences will proliferate across Facebook, PS4 and Vive in ways that are not even fully imagined at this time. Those successes will generate so much profit that many others will try this evocative platform to elevate their brand into the new virtual arena.