Capture Their Attention Category: Education


The most common anxiety is public speaking. Virtual reality has the unique ability to put a person in a hall full of people as that person practices delivering their presentation or speech. After a few passes, the anxiety will show a marked decrease and give the orator that much more confidence when they take the stage for real.

Reading about the aircraft in World War II is an interesting topic. One that is substantially enhanced when you have an opportunity to get behind the controls and pilot one of those aircraft, yourself. A student who has flown a plane across the English Channel at night, has a much greater sense of what the pilots had to work with, than a simple written accord may be able to convey.

Preparation for a dangerous ascent up a face of a mountain requires preparation, training and fortitude. Virtual reality puts the climber into that space for opportunity to take in the environs, make some choices, and mentally prepare for the challenge ahead.

Professionals in all walks of life will be creating immersive lessons in their field of skill, interest or knowledge. When learning how to position the bike during complicated motocross jumps, for example, a chance to see it through the eyes of the instructor as they perform it, gives the student a much greater understanding of the subtleties of the experience and the lesson at hand.