Athletes of All Sports Will Train Using VR Category: Sports


Virtual training of athletes is a critical new tool in the arsenal of professional and college sports. Not only is a virtual training regimen vastly less expensive than using a whole squad of players to run drills for the benefit of a few of them, but it reduces the coaching time required for certain lessons.

Virtual reality can be used for many forms of training, but the most prevalent purpose is mental readiness. Preparing a player for a multitude of plays that can be coming their way and allowing them drill time to study body posture, eye movements and other forms of nonverbal language helps them make the right choice in the heat of a real game. Virtual reality puts them on the field, causes them to operate in the middle of all of the action, and to make choices which can prove to be right or wrong depending upon the variable outcome of the play.

Take a player who has never stepped foot into a championship game. Giving them a chance to be at the center of things in the biggest of big moments gives them a chance to cope with the anxiety and work a few steps closer to becoming nonplussed by any of it. VR is an amazing conditioning system for athletes and when IQS combines it with our proprietary IQS Connect motion algorithm system, the potential for this in sports is endless.