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An architect’s ability to don a virtual reality headset and walk around a project that they are designing, is of invaluable benefit to the overall process of creating an outstanding structure. Virtual visualization of any detail that is critical to the process allows all participants to weigh in at the earliest stages on the benefits and weaknesses of the design choices.

Whether it is the desire to view things from the vantage point of a 5 year old child when designing a preschool environment, or the passion to stand in the outer courtyard near the exquisite fountain and look up at a 150 story tower to inspect how the sunlight will catch the mirror windows at traffic hour, VR is the equalizing variable that allows everyone to see the details that might have gone by unseen.

With the complex buildings piecing together from ever increasingly intricate curves of glass and other building materials, virtual reality brings a wise opportunity to forecast the choices being made at the earliest possible stage, to ensure that every last consideration and concern has been addressed and resolved.