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Conceiving of the proper robot to work inside the Space Station was a project that took NASA many years to develop. Leveraging that robotic resource to their greatest potential may be forecast using virtual reality to insert the robot into a host of environments and watch the strengths and weaknesses of various design features make themselves known far in advance of launching the robot up to the Space Station.

Working through the very sophisticated plans for fighter jets and aeronautical craft requires countless minds with a coordinated effort in play. Virtual reality allows all of the team to witness first person the intended result long before a single part is manufactured or engineered. The previsualization of sophisticated aircraft is a critical component to budgetary regulation and keeping all parties focused on the exact same result.

The ability for an astronaut to leverage as many tools as possible to prepare them for the stress and intensity of performing that same task in outer space while tethered to their craft in a space suit is mission critical to the success of any endeavor of this kind. Virtual reality and augmented reality provide outstanding supplemental information to assist the astronauts in the effective and timely completion of their critical tasks.